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FSME Provide Quality Products for the Farming & Construction Industries

We Listen and Learn

Operating since 1944 we here at Farm Supplies Machinery & Equipment have found first and foremost that it pays to listen to you and learn more about what you’re wanting to achieve on your farm.

When it comes to selling agricultural machinery to farmers, we find every situation is different. Understanding what outcomes you’re looking for is essential to meeting your needs.

We commonly find in talking to you that there are three areas driving conversations;

  • Resilience
  • Performance
  • Productivity

We’re able to discuss with you a wide range of situations. For example, that could be from talking about incorporating crop residue to improve the soil biology using speed discs, to slotting the topsoil to overcome compaction and unlock the soil’s potential to mulching pasture for better quality grazing.
Talking crop protection with you is also a common subject – with assistance from key partners we can identify an Australian built sprayer that delivers the right size droplets accurately and effectively.

In recent times popular enquiry has been about dealing with blocks of land that have been neglected and getting them back into production. We can help you with identifying machinery that will be the most effective when eradicating weeds and overgrowth. Sometimes that can be a mulcher that’s an all rounder, sometimes it’s a sprayer which accurately and effectively delivers chemicals onto noxious weeds.

These are just some examples of conversations we’re having with you. Whether it’s overcoming a problem, maintaining your farm or increasing production we’ll work with our supply partners to find a solution that meets your needs.

Integral in our success has been forming relationships with some of Australia’s top suppliers of machinery. With a choice of locally built or imported from Europe’s leading suppliers we’re able to offer you a machine that represents quality and value.

Our Commitment to You

The benchmark is to supply you a quality machine that meets your performance expectations and be confident your feedback will confirm your trust was well placed.