Power Harrows – Perfect for Seed Bed Preparation – But What Other Jobs Can They Do?

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Power Harrows – Perfect For Seed Bed Preparation – But, What Other Jobs Can They Do?

The Versatility of the Power Harrow

Many people are familiar with the use of power harrows for market gardens. These machines are perfect for seedbed preparation and weed control. However, their design makes them perfect for other jobs as well–on the small farm and beyond.

First, let’s look at the design of a power harrow. A power harrow has a series of vertical tines connected to horizontal axes. As these axes turn, they till the soil to an adjustable level. A mesh roller follows these axes further tamping the soil and sealing the surface. The resulting surface is not only perfect for seeding but is also the surface desired for many other purposes.

“A power harrow’s ability to produce perfectly levelled, weed-free ground makes it a fantastic choice for many tasks beyond the market garden.” This is especially true since it combines the levelling and texturising tasks of a tiller with the finishing details of a chain drag.

Some Examples of other uses:

  • Auto, bike, or equine race track maintenance.
  • Rodeo arena maintenance.
  • Construction site preparation.
  • Horse riding arena dragging and maintenance.
  • Sports field refurbishment and maintenance.
  • Baseball and softball field dragging.
  • Dirt trail and road construction and maintenance.

So, whether you are looking for an implement to perform one specific job or looking to save money in your wallet and space in the barn with an implement that completes several tasks, a power harrow is just the tool for you!

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