What Does Built For Australian Conditions Mean?

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What Does ‘Built for Australian Conditions’ Mean?

Purchasing agricultural machinery is a major investment.

When it comes to considering which machine to buy there are several key factors worth considering:

Where is the machine manufactured? – What is the country of origin?

Confidence can be placed in machinery that is either manufactured in Australia or imported from Europe and proven in Australia. It is the author’s view that machinery out of Asia in particular China is not fit for moderate to high use. There are many stories and reviews on the internet of cheap machines “looking the part”, but in practice they’re made of inferior quality materials, which don’t last. That’s when you might hear someone say “how much does it weigh?” It’s because the machine has turned out to be junk and only fit for sending to the scrap metal yard.

How often will I use the machine?

Infrequent use almost always leads to a buyer being price driven. If the machine is cheap, then it has to be accepted that there is a compromise in quality compared to more expensive machines. Moderate to high use brings quality and value into the equation – considering machines manufactured in Australia or Europe is a good start.

Does the machine have back up available in Australia?

That means having access to timely technical support and parts. You don’t want to be in a situation of the importer and distributors having limited knowledge and all major faults require parts to come from overseas. Australian and European manufacturers put a lot of effort into offering credibility by way of back up and support.

Is the machine a known brand in the market with a solid reputation?

If it is then you can be confident that you will get the back up and service you deserve. In this instance there will be several layers of support available to you. Firstly from the dealer you bought the machine from. Secondly, the importers that dealers source machinery from, invest in specialist technical representatives. Thirdly the Australian based technical representatives will have access to a technical representative from the factory of origin.

Research, research, research. In the digital age there is plenty of information available in the form of reviews. Unfortunately machines out of China have had numerous issues with warranty and parts availability. The opposite is true of machines from Australia and Europe. Any reputable machine brand will have a solid history of performance backed up by favourable and practical reviews from current owners – that is testimony to a quality machine.