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Post Hole Diggers

Post Hole Diggers for Fencing.

3 Ramdrill Post Hole Digger Options:

  • PTO ramdrill – uses the tractors PTO to drive the auger through a gearbox and clutch system and it ideally suited to 50 and 75hp tractors. A hydraulic ram provides down pressure for efficient drilling.
  • PHD ramdrill – the safest most powerful planetary auger drive attachment for tractors. The hydraulic gearbox gives you the greatest power/torque for drilling with maximum down pressure. This model is recommended for larger diameter holes and hard ground, or if you are drilling a lot of tree holes, fence posts holes or general boring with the tractor.
  • 3 point linkage drill – It is best suited for the farmer who drills the occasional post or tree hole. The borer features a heavy duty frame and uses gravity to penetrate the ground. No hydraulic connections required.

For most applications we would recommend the Ramdrill. Unless you have ideal conditions a drill that uses gravity only has the possibility of being frustrating to use in practice.