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Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks

Buying a diesel transfer unit?

Here’s a suggested checklist:

  • Capacity – how many times do I want to refill the equipment I’m using per day or per week?
  • Profile and physical size – what are my length, width and height restrictions – will it fit on my ute tray?
  • Handling – would it be helpful if the design incorporated moulded forklift pockets?
  • Secure load – how am I going to secure the tank – non slip matting or tie downs?
  • Security – do I want a lockable pump cover and a lockable filling cap?
  • Tank quality – do I want the benefits of impact resistance and UV stabilisation from a polyethylene tank?
  • Surging – would I feel safer if the tank was baffled to prevent surging?
  • Pumping capacity – what expectations do I have regarding litres per minute delivery?
  • Reliability – do I want the assurance of an Italian pump?
  • Triggers – does auto shut off matter to me?