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Flame Gun

The ultimate way to eradicate unwanted and noxious weeds, along with other parasites, without using potentially dangerous chemicals.

The principle of the X300 Flame Gun is that of a pressure stove or blow torch.

Fuel is contained in an air tight tank and is forced into the burner via a control valve by air pressure supplied by the built in pump. The fuel (household kerosene) is preheated and vaporized for passing through a helically wound coil.

With a core temperature of 1090C it destroys top growth weeds, seeds and harmful bacteria, thereby sterilising the soil and leaving a potash rich residue for future plantings.

It is used for sterilising seed beds prior to planting, and for ground clearing under trees and fences, and is great for inter-row weeding. It can also be used around the home to kill weeds that pop up between pavers and concrete.

Other uses for the Flame Gun are killing off lice and mites in chook sheds and also destroying rotting fruit on the ground to reduce fungal and potentially harmful spore germination.