Are You Bushfire Ready?

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Are you Bushfire ready?

An unprepared property is not only at risk itself, but may also present an increased danger for neighbours.

Here are some things you can do:


  • Clear leaves, twigs, bark and other debris from the roof and gutters of your home, sheds and other buildings on your property.
  • Purchase and test the effectiveness of gutter plugs.
  • Enclose open areas under decks and floors.
  • Install fine steel wire mesh screens on all windows, doors, vents and weep holes.
  • Point LPG cylinder relief valves away from the house.
  • Conduct maintenance checks on pumps, generators and water systems.
  • Seal all gaps in external roof and wall cladding.


  • Display a prominent house or lot number, in case it is required in an emergency.
  • Ensure there is adequate access to your property for fire trucks – 4 metres wide by 4 metres high, with a turn-around area.


  • Reduce vegetation loads along the access path.
  • Mow your grass regularly.
  • Remove excess ground fuels and combustible material (long dry grass, dead leaves and branches).
  • Trim low-lying branches two metres from the ground surrounding your home.


  • Check that you have sufficient personal protective clothing and equipment.
  • Relocate flammable items away from your home, including woodpiles, paper, boxes, crates, hanging baskets and garden furniture.
  • Check the first aid kit is fully stocked.
  • Make sure you have appropriate insurance for your home and vehicles.
  • Review and update your household Bush Fire Survival Plan.

For added protection and peace of mind consider investing in a Firefighting unit. To check out your options follow this link:  Fire Fighting Units