How can I renovate a pasture effectively?

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How can I renovate a pasture effectively?

Aerator combo units – four operations in one pass. 

For  simple, cost effective and highly productive pasture renovation, an aerator with an air seeder is an ideal combination .

A Farmtech Aervator is a good example of a multifunctional implement that relieves compaction, aerates, cultivates and renovates in all growing conditions. The Aervator  increases water and air penetration, promoting soil bacteria and root growth. The Aervator is fitted with a tine that has a  twist, which results in not just aeration, but a slight turn and lift of the soil. With four gang settings, from 0-10 degrees, compaction from moderate to severe can be dealt with.

Aervators are offered in the following combinations:

  • Single gang , one row – SGH
  • Side by side double gang, one row – GH
  • Side by side double gang, one row,  centre folding GH – CF
  • Side by side double gang , two row – GH Maxi
  • Side by side double gang two row, centre folding  – GH Maxi – CF

Optional equipment

  • Trailing wheels
  • Concrete weights
  • Air seeder – either mounted to a post or fitted to a platform assembly
  • Spring tine harrows – mounted

Air seeders

In combination with an Aervator, an air seeder such as the Technik-Plus OKO-Turbo air seeder, allows you to seed as well as aerate/cultivate by readily fitting to the framework. This can be fitted in factory. The electronic control box for this easily mounts to your tractor cabin, with ample cable to the machine and to your 12 volt battery. Larger capacity air seeders are also available.

The application for the aeration/seeding system extends primarily to pasture. These can also be utilized in broadacre and horticultural crops, orchards, vineyards, turf grass, sports fields and golf courses.
This system has become Australia’s favourite and most trusted aeration and seeding system for Hobby Farms and Small Acreages, whilst also being used in larger broad acre applications as well.
Built in Australia for Australian conditions.

The Aervator used in combination with an air seeder and mounted spring tine harrows achieves the following:

  • Aerate, cultivate and renovate pasture damaged by grazing. With settings on the Aervator from 0-10 degrees the results can vary from mild to aggressive.
  • Opens up the soil to relieve compaction, which allows faster growth in the root zone.
  • Provide a pathway for water, fertilizer and lime movement.
  • Significantly reduces water runoff and water logging.
  • Air seeder accurately applies a seed mix.
  • Spring tine harrows aid in seed to soil contact.