Which Post Hole Digger is right for me?

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Which Post Hole Digger is right for me?

Fencing of any kind, whether you’re installing a security fence, garden privacy fence, flagpole or replacing old fence posts, will need you to dig out post holes.

Using a shovel is time-consuming and labour intensive, you will possibly make your hole larger than you need and most probably do your back in.

A tractor mounted post hole digger that can have a variety of augers fitted to it makes digging post holes easy. Whether you’re in a garden, on the farm or on building site – there are a number of options to suit your needs.


• How big is the job?  

This will determine expenditure and how quickly you want to get the job done. Not all post hole diggers are created equal. It pays to consider which machine will achieve the productivity and effectiveness you’re looking for. 

• How hard is the ground? 

 Most ground conditions in Australia are hard. A machine that can transfer the tractors weight via a hydraulic ram is considered to be the most effective option.  

Digga ramdrills offer complete solutions. 

If you’re working with a tractor, Digga manufactures a range of ramdrills. Digga ramdrills use the 3 point linkage at the rear of the tractor to connect and each option offers different levels of power suited to the different levels of usage and requirement.

Digga manufacture 3 options of ramdrill:

• PTO ramdrill – uses the tractors PTO to drive the auger through a gearbox and clutch system and is ideally suited to 50 and 75hp tractors. A hydraulic ram provides down pressure for efficient drilling.

• PHD ramdrill – the safest most powerful planetary auger drive attachment for tractors. The hydraulic gearbox gives you the greatest power/torque for drilling with maximum down pressure. This model is recommended for larger diameter holes and hard ground, or if you are drilling a lot of tree holes, fence posts holes or general boring with the tractor.

• 3 point linkage drill – the 3 point linkage drill is Digga’s starting model. It is best suited for the farmer who drills the occasional post or tree hole. The borer features a heavy duty frame and uses gravity to penetrate the ground. No hydraulic connections required.

For most applications we would recommend the Ramdrill. Unless you have ideal conditions a drill that uses gravity only has the possibility of being frustrating to use in practice.