Wood Chippers – Should I Buy One?

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Wood Chippers – Should I Buy One?

Wood chippers are a great way to make use of annoying branches and bushes which you would otherwise have had to reluctantly drive to the dump. The design and build of Hansa chippers means you can shred just about anything you throw into them, including palm fronds.

The chips they produce can be spread on your garden as a ground cover around your plants, which in turn enriches the soil. It also locks the moisture in under the mulch, as well as improves plant growth by releasing nitrogen slowly back into the soil. Protecting the ground from the sun’s scorching heat, is one of the major benefits of covering the ground with chips. Additionally, wood chips also absorb water which gets released very slowly onto the plants.

Wood chippers are very simple and easy to use and the average homeowner will have no problem operating one of them. This also saves you from driving up and down to the dump when clearing your backyard, and also gives you an endless supply of mulch and wood chips to protect your plants

When you are trying to work out what size wood chipper you need, think about what sort of trees and shrubs you will be chipping. Hansa chippers differ depending on the size of the material to be chipped, they are rated by chipping capacity. For example the C7 is rated to 70mm capacity.

Information on the Hansa C7 can be found here:

Chipping capacity is governed by size of the engine, size of the cutting disk and number of knives on the cutting disk. Hansa chippers are divided into Garden, Acreage and Commercial. With twelve models to choose from there’s a chipper that’s just right for you.

Obviously, if you are simply cleaning up your garden area, a commercial wood chipper would not be necessary and definitely would not be cost effective. The chippers that are intended for use as occasional gardening aids should be used for small yards where space is limited. A small machine will save space, will be light and will still be very effective. Most models made for this use are easy to manoeuvre and can handle all size classes of maintenance that is typical of gardens and yards. Typical users are homeowners and residential landscapers.

Medium sized wood chippers can easily chip up landscaping waste of all sizes from hedges, large branches, and small whole trees. Moving them around can either be by hand or you can fit a towbar to the chipper.

Then we have the commercial wood chippers. These are built to chip trees based on a large capacity and they produce a quality chip that is uniform. Typically, those who own these machines are contractors in the landscaping industry. Commercial buyers have the choice of five models ranging from 150mm capacity through to 254mm capacity including a remote control machine.

So now that you know how valuable it can be to have a wood eating machine like this in your shed, the next decision is “which one should I buy?”

Feel free to contact the team at Farm Supplies Machinery & Equipment on 07 3277 5388 to further discuss your chipping needs.