Which 3 point linkage sprayer is right for me?

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Which 3 point linkage sprayer is right for me?


Understanding the primary purpose of the sprayer helps determine what boom, hose reel and other options are required. For example, a sprayer being used for pasture or vegetable spraying will have a very different boom to one being used in an orchard or vineyard.

For the most part, the Silvan range of sprayers offers matched tanks and pumps, with a wide range of boom options.

For example the Pasturepak sprayer KBE400 PasturePak is offered as a tank, pump and hose reel in 400, 600 or 800 litres with the option of either 6 or 8 metre Field booms.

Offering excellent value for money, the KBD400, is a popular choice for smaller blocks up to around 80 hectares. With a 400 litre tank, 6 metre boom and hose reel, this option has the capacity to spray around 4 hectares of pasture spraying before needing to refill.

When offering these machines, consideration has also been given to the below factors:

Pump selection

The tank size, boom width, hose reel and application rate all have an impact on the pump size required for your sprayer.

It is important to ensure that the pump has the capacity to achieve the desired application rates, taking into account the preferred ground speed and the boom width. The maximum pressure of the pump is an important factor when a hose reel is fitted, to optimise the performance of the spray gun.

There should also be enough pump capacity remaining for agitation.

Once the pump capacity is determined, it is then possible to choose the type of pump such as 12 volt, PTO drive or hydraulic drive.

Tank Size

Silvan three point linkage sprayers range from 200 litres to 1900 litres. While it is always best to opt for as large a tank as possible, to minimise tank refills and maximise spraying time, the tractor size and carrying capacity must be considered along with the paddock sizes and total area being sprayed.

For example, a 400L tank with 6m boom spraying at 100L/Ha will spray at least 1 hectare per hour.

Boom Options

Choosing the most suitable boom to fit to your sprayer is based on a number of factors. Firstly, it should relate to the tank capacity. Unless there is a specific application, it would be unusual to fit a large boom to a tank that is 400 litres or less because it would only result in more regular tank fills.

Also, the overall budget and frequency of spraying should be considered as this helps determine whether a manual fold or hydraulic boom is the best option.

Silvan offers manual booms from 6 metres to 12 metres and hydraulic booms from 6 metres to 15 metres. Silvan also has a range of boomless nozzle options. There are also speciality booms available for vineyard, orchard and sugar cane spraying including shielded booms.

Hose Reels

If you plan to use the sprayers for spot spraying of weeds, then a hose reel can be fitted to the tank or frame. Depending on the type of use, this could be anything from a 6 metre hose and spray gun, through to a 100 metre remote control hose reel.


Finally, the terrain and spraying speed are also factors in determining the most suitable boom to avoid possible damage. In the roughest terrain, a boomless nozzle could be the best option. Casotti Linkage Sprayer – K06N-71WG


Silvan also offers a range of electric rate controllers, foam markers, GPS guidance systems and chemical induction hoppers to tailor the sprayer to each customer’s requirements.

Package or custom built?

Once you have determined which sprayer is right for you, it may be that one of Silvan’s Traylink, Econopak or Pasturepak sprayer packages is the most suitable and economical choice. Alternatively, Silvan can build a sprayer to order that meets your needs.


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More information can also be found on our website – Linkage Sprayers