Stages of Filtration:

  • Stage A – Into the Tank.
    • Coarse Filtration – Liquid passing into the tank is filtered by the foot filter or the lid basket strainer.
  • Stage B – From Tank to Pump.
    • Coarse/Medium Fitration – Suction filters provide protection for the pump and screen out larger particles.
  • Stage C – From Pump to Spraylines.
    • Medium/Fine Filtration – Pressure line filters are used to remove finer particles before nozzle holders.
      • Large pressure line/flushing filter is ideally fitted between pump and pressure regulator.
      • Small pressure line filters are usually fitted in each boom section spray line.
  • Stage D – Spray Tipp Filters.
    • Fine Filtration – Last stage of filtration before the spray tip, usually 50 mesh or finer.

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