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How Accurate is a Pendulum Spreader?

How Accurate is a Pendulum Spreader? The primary use of a pendulum spreader is to apply fertiliser accurately at medium to low rates.  Rotary/disc broadcast spreaders offer many advantages, but, they have some disadvantages including pattern skewing and the need to develop pattern settings for each product to centre the

Are You Bushfire Ready?

Are you Bushfire ready? An unprepared property is not only at risk itself, but may also present an increased danger for neighbours. Here are some things you can do: Structure Clear leaves, twigs, bark and other debris from the roof and gutters of your home, sheds and other buildings on


How can I renovate a pasture effectively?

How can I renovate a pasture effectively? Aerator combo units – four operations in one pass.  For  simple, cost effective and highly productive pasture renovation, an aerator with an air seeder is an ideal combination . A Farmtech Aervator is a good example of a multifunctional implement that relieves compaction,


Which Post Hole Digger is right for me?

Which Post Hole Digger is right for me? Fencing of any kind, whether you’re installing a security fence, garden privacy fence, flagpole or replacing old fence posts, will need you to dig out post holes. Using a shovel is time-consuming and labour intensive, you will possibly make your hole larger

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Should I Slash or Mulch?

Should I Slash or Mulch? Simply put slashing is the older method and form of technology. Mulching involves more modern methods and machinery. Both machines are used to cut grass or pasture in order to control height and, density. Slashing Slashing initially leaves long lengths of grass, often in windrows,

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Which 3 point linkage sprayer is right for me?

Which 3 point linkage sprayer is right for me? Application Understanding the primary purpose of the sprayer helps determine what boom, hose reel and other options are required. For example, a sprayer being used for pasture or vegetable spraying will have a very different boom to one being used in


Wood Chippers – Should I Buy One?

Wood Chippers – Should I Buy One? Wood chippers are a great way to make use of annoying branches and bushes which you would otherwise have had to reluctantly drive to the dump. The design and build of Hansa chippers means you can shred just about anything you throw into


When Should I Aerate – Prevention or Remedy?

When should I aerate – prevention or remedy? While best practice has often been aerating after a wet weather event , subsoil aeration before a wet weather event offers its own unique benefits to get pastures through in good condition. An assessment needs to be carried out in order to


How Do I Manage and Control Lantana

How is Lantana a problem? All forms of lantana are thought to be toxic, with the red-flowered forms being the most dangerous to stock. Lantana poisoning in cattle is quite common and causes major economic losses. During droughts, or when other feed is scarce, stock are also more likely to